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English Enhancement

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


One way to enhance English is to practice all the time. Talk enough with those people who are fluent in speaking english to become like them.

Develop Your Career 5 Minutes at a Time
Advice for self-training.

In this era of downsizing, mergers and
reorganizations, it certainly can’t hurt
to make an active effort to demonstrate
your value on a regular basis. David Peterson
and Mary Dee Hicks, consultants of
Minneapolis-based Personnel Decisions International,
encourage all employees to continually develop skills
by implementing something new every day.
Peterson suggests choosing a project you need to
work on and then spending five minutes a day developing
it. "Put it into practice and fine-tune it as you go,"
Peterson says. "Development is like exercise. To make
it work for you, it’s got to be a regular part of your daily
routine." He and Hicks offer the following advice for self-training,
excerpted from their book: "Development FIRST: Strategies for

1.Give yourself a daily dose of development.
Making development a part of your daily
routine makes sure you learn to think
of it as a priority. You’re already busy,
so guarantee your time is well-spent by
focusing on situations with serious change
potential that allow you to control the outcomes,
force you to think in new ways and challenge you
to do more with less.

2.Be opportunistic.
Think through the opportunities to perform more
effectively that you are faced with each day.
Step back to look at the big picture: Determine
how the issues appear from a co-worker’s perspective.
Leverage a strength by using it in a new way or find
an event that allows you to learn something beyond
the scope of your job.

3.Be proactive.
Think of an aspect of your job you do particularly well.
Can you make it more strategic? Can you get it done in
half the time? Seek new opportunities by becoming involved
in cross-functional or interdepartmental activities.

4.Take intelligent risks.
As you develop, you’ll have to redefine success.
Intelligent risks involve a reasonable chance of
success and a reasonable measure of doubt. Remember
that learning comes at the boundary between being
stretched to the limit and going over the edge.

5.Face your barriers.
Procrastination, inertia and lack of time are three
common barriers that may prevent you from taking action.
Begin by setting smaller, realistic goals, and don’t expect
dramatic changes right away. Most importantly, make
development a job priority and hold yourself accountable in
terms of performance requirements