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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Common Question during Interview

Common Question during Interview


is the common reason why many applicants failed on the first day of interview. And I believe that those HR personnel often look to the attitude of an applicant than that of his skills or educational attainment. You will be observed by them from the moment you entered the premises.

The questions most often asked in job interview, and how to answer them properly.

First of all you should be yourself always and avoid saying negative about you unless you were ask so, then you should tell first the positive then negative. Don’t you know that our brain sometimes pay attention on the first statement than on the second statement of what other people say to you. For example you were told by your friend that you are coward but somehow you are fighting for it, to against it. Your brain only record that you are a “coward” than the second statement that you are “fighting to be courageous”.

•Question 1:

Tell me about yourself?

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Don’t say things in your resume as possible unless you were asked do so. Be confident enough to tell about attitudes.

• Question 2:

Why are you applying for this position in this company?

Explain how this job matches your career goals,

• Question 3:

What are your weaknesses?

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Tell them for example about your being a work alcoholic person but you can control it by applying time management.

• Question 4:

What are your strengths?

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Explain how time is important to your daily life and the attitude of being conscious of time,

Being resourceful, diligent, patient, calm and loyal, serious and of course your work experience which should be the strength of youth and of anybody else. That made us difference from all the rest applicants.

Be sure to give smart answer to question ask by interviewer about something and give your point, site an example for further explanation and make them impress with all of your answers.

• Question 5:

What do you know about the company?

Site their mission, vision, goals, when they started and award they receive. You should know also what type of environment they are dealing with.

• Question 6:

What type of work environment you like best?

State-of-the-art facility and training strategy and new ways of learning, people fun-loving and detail-oriented environment.

A lot of applicants don’t pay attention when to those question ask by interview because there eyes are busy with roaming around which you should avoid. And it will also signify that you are not confident enough to face with that person because your eyes are busy with something else.

• Question 7:

Explain how you overcame a major obstacle?

First knowing what is the root cause and avoiding it or making precautionary countermeasure on how to avoid the occasion that may lead to your soon.

• Question 8:

How do you handle stress?

Know the cause that made you stress example during break time spending it wisely and during free time taking a deep breath and release the tension to feel more comfortable for incoming calls

• Question 9:

What do you expect from this job?

Cite career growth, skills, improvement, learning new things with the attitude of being passionate of something that make you feeling secure financially for your daily life.

• Question 10:

Where do you see yourself 5 yrs from now?

Show a flexible career path that has focus and direction.

• Question 11:

How do you take criticism?

Admit that it can hurt, but you can also use it as a tool to improve yourself.

• Question 12:

How do you respond to pressure?

Narrate experience where you handled pressure extremely well.
Admit that you have weak spots, but say that you are working on them.

• Question 13:

What are your points of improvements?

Admit that you have areas of weakness, e.g. communication skills,
but point out the steps you are talking to strengthen them (e.g. seminars)

• Question 14:

What can you do for us that others can’t?

Narrate past accomplishments and projects, e.g. coming up with a suggestion
that the marketing manager in your OJT successfully used for his company’s campaign

• Question 15:

What past accomplishments gave you satisfaction?

Tell about your experience you have those people gave your strength to continue your task no matter what other people said wrong about you as long as you have friends that you can have with, whenever you fell disappointed of your current status. It’s always about feeling good and recovering from a bad feeling. Not getting into trouble with your co-worker for a period of time.

• Question 16:

Why should I hire you?

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Because of the attitude of being hard work, time conscious, resourceful, patient and perseverant with the quality of training and the facility.

• Question 17:

What is your expected salary?

Give them an amount range digit.

• Question 18:

What Values you can bring in our Company?

Being resourceful, times conscious, respect, diligent, loyal and serious.

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